Trailer Wheel Bearing Kits

Trailer Wheel Bearing Kit Buyer Guide

It is not always straight forward working out which wheel bearing kits are right for your trailer.  In this guide, we will look at some of the key factors that you need to be aware of, in order to help you to find the right bearing kit for your trailer and application.

You may know what axle you have, for example you may have a Ford axle but it doesn't necessarily mean that you will need a Ford trailer kit.  Additionally, you can put a Ford and Holden hub side by side and physically they can look somewhat the same.  What determines which bearings you will need depends on the stud size, NOT the axle itself as many are led to believe.

Generally trailer wheel bearings are a tapered roller bearing.  This is a two piece bearing consisting of a cup and a cone (ie. the piece that sits in the cup).  The bearing is fitted with rollers as opposed to balls.


The main two differences between a Holden and Ford bearing is of course the sizing.  A general rule of thumb is if the bearing fits over your thumb, it is a Ford bearing.  Ford bearings can also be known as slimline.  The Holden bearing is slightly smaller and won't quite fit onto your thumb. 

The main thing is measuring your stud size.  Ford hubs measure 12.4mm and Holden hubs measure 11mm.  This is the major factor for determining if you require a Ford or Holden wheel bearing trailer kit.

Holden Trailer Wheel Bearings

Inner Bearings: Cone LM67048 Cup LM167010
(inches): 1.25
(mm):  31.75

Outer Bearings:  Cone LM11949 Cup LM11910

(inches):  0.75 
(mm):  19.05

These bearings are commonly written as:
LM67048/10, and

This is because the beginning of the part number of the cup is the same as the beginning of the part number of the cup. 

Ford Trailer Wheel Bearings

Inner Bearings: Cone L68149 Cup L68110
(inches): 1.3775
(mm):  34.989

Outer Bearings:  Cone LM12749 Cup LM12710
(inches): 0.8656
(mm):  21.986

These bearings are commonly written as:  LM12749/10

Something to be aware of is that though these two trailer kits are the most common, there are other variations that can come into the mix.  Ultimately, it is a really good idea to check your bearing numbers.  For example, a common variation that we can come across is bearing L44649/10 paired with L68149/11.  The latter bearing is so close to the common Ford trailer inner bearing of L68149/10.  If you make this mistake, the bearing simply will not fit, no matter how hard you try.  Though the cone of the bearing is the same size, the cup that it sits in is different!  There are sales people of many years of experience that have no idea that the L68149/11 bearing even exists.  There are also parallel axles where the inner and outer bearing are the same size.  There are so many other variations and combinations of trailer wheel bearing kits, it is so important to be aware that though Ford and Holden trailer kits are the most common, they are not the only possibilities.

Other Possible Trailer Bearing Combinations

Inner Bearing Outer Bearing
LM67048/10 LM12749/10
L68149/10 L68149/10
25580/20 LM67048/10
30308 15123/245
25580/20 15123/245
L68149/11 L44649/10
L68149/11 LM67048/10
L44643 L44643
L44649/10 L44649/10
30210/10 15123/245
LM29749/10 LM67048/10
30210/10 15123/245
30210/10 LM12749/10


The application of your bearings can be quite important.  Caravans and box trailers generally require a standard wheel bearing kit, whilst boat, jetski and other trailers require a marine or boat trailer wheel bearing kit.  Though the bearings in these kits are the same as the standard bearing kit, the seal is much more robust for marine environments.  Whilst it is okay to use a marine seal in a standard application, we really do recommend to ensure you use boat seals when in a marine environment.

Brands and Quality

Despite common belief derived from past history, you can no longer totally rely on a Japanese bearing being the ultimate quality.  Just as you cannot assume that all Chinese bearings are shonky.  There are Japanese bearings out there that are well under par of any Chinese made bearing as well as Chinese bearings that are good quality and value.  It may be interesting to know that many of the big brands we know today put a percentage of their market through Chinese manufacturers and the buyer may not even be aware of it.  In saying that, these manufacturers are held to particular standards, quality controls and random checks in which they are required to be met.  This ensures that the quality of their brand is not compromised. 

So the best way to ensure you are getting good quality for your buck is to simply do your research and ask around.  With todays technology we are able to access reviews and information via google.  What you are looking for is that your bearings are manufactured to ISO 9001 International standards.

Check out our video on YouTube for a really quick tip to determine if you have Holden and Ford Bearings:

Video: Holden or Ford Bearings?

Our Trailer Bearing Kits:

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Trying to identify hubs.

By: on 5 February 2024
We are currently restoring a 1939 Sperry anti-aircraft searchlight and are having trouble identifying the front stubs of the carriage. The stub axles (spigots) are 25mm OD inner 20mm OD outer 40mm centre spacings. The original wheels were Ford PCD artillery pattern rims and we want to use replicas of these rims. Do you have any idea what the spigots may be and can I get a hub to match with Ford PCD

Bearings Express Response
Thanks for checking. Could you email us through a photo please? Kind regards, Tracie

Bearings for Caravan

By: on 23 July 2022
Please advise which bearings you would recommend for a Concept/Franklin tandem axle caravan with ATM 2475Kg. Current bearing have just been replaced with slimline, however, previous bearing which were supposed be be quality Japanese bearings fitted by Jayco but ended up being Chinese bearings (LM68149 and LM12749). In view of the above I am considering supplying my own bearing for my next service to ensure they are quality bearings. Thanks Peter

Bearings Express Response
Hi Pete, I recommend GMB. GMB Bearings are made in Korea. They are part of the GMB Japan Group, who are a tier one global supplier that make parts for every car company in the world. Thank you kindly, Tracie

Identifying hub types

By: on 3 August 2021
Hi, I don't have an answer to your question but if nobody else responds, this link can give you further information about identifying hub types and stud patterns:

2010 Jayco flite wheel bearings

By: on 2 August 2021
Hi, without taking the wheel off does anyone know if a 2010 Jayco flite has a Holden or a Ford bearings

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